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Wall Hung Toilet

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A Wall hung toilet is quite the rage in European countries but they still have to make their way to households in the United States. However, things are starting to look different especially when homeowners are starting to see the beauty that this type of toilet brings. Not only that but it can be a practical carrier installation in a crowded bathroom. A standard wall mount toilet system can be found easily online and the best place to get some idea’s on a wall mount toilet is Amazon.  Take a closer look at these  toilets including an elongated wall toilet.  wall hung toilet

What makes a wall-hung toilet bowl look more appealing compared to traditional ones is the fact that it takes up less space since it is wall mounted and even give the appearance of the bowl hovering in thin air. Its sleek and stylish design is ideal for modern homes and wall hung toiletwith the price tag attached to it; it is no wonder that homeowners are starting to seriously consider getting one for their home. Not only that but you can get a concealed dual flush tank or a concealed tank and arm carrier.  Looking at the picture will give you a good idea on a wall hung toilet.

Benefits of a Wall Hung Toilet

If you are wondering what you will be getting out of having a wall hung toilet installed in your bathroom today, here are a few benefits to help you determine whether this type of toilet is ideal for you. The first one is that the water tanks are concealed. Second, it doesn’t take up too much space. Third, its design is pleasing to the eye especially those that are made from vitreous China and last, it is better in terms of sanitation. Don’t forget you will get ceramic toilets with most other manufacturers. Forth, you can get an installation frame for wall-hung toilets. And finally you can get a in-wall tank system if you are remodeling.

The downside of this type of toilet is its cost. For those who are planning on getting hung toilets for their home, see to it that you are wall mounted toiletready to dole out additional funds since they can be more expensive compared to the traditional toilets. Of course, the prices may still vary depending on the manufacturer as well as the design that you will be getting. Another feature that will add costs to your product selection is: one piece wall mounted, two piece wall mounted, toilet seat, toilet bowl and flush mechanism. You probably didn’t think there was that much to a wall hung toilet did you?

Shopping for a Wall Hung Toilet

When shopping for a wall hung toilet, you might want to take into consideration those that are made by Duravit. Duravit is a company that has been in the business of manufacturing quality wall hung toilets that come in different shapes, sizes and designs that will fit perfectly with any type of theme you have in mind. All that you have to do is browse through their selection and see which model is perfect for your bathroom. You will find many other manufacturers of wall mounted toilet including American Standard, Toto Aquia wall hung toilet with a dual flush toilet system, Kohler and a few others.

If you are planning on renovating your bathroom and would like to introduce a new concept, think about wall hung toilets. These beauties are made to last and will definitely give your space a more modern look. Take your time in selecting the design, style, color and material for your wall hung toilet to get the best one that will suit your preferences. You will definitely be pleased with the way your bathroom will look once you manage to install this luxurious fixture today.

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