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Toilet coupons

We have been frantically looking for toilet coupons and about the only thing we can find are coupons for best toilets paper.  Not that is a bad thing but when you are trying to find coupons to help your customers save some money then it is maddening.

We did try toilet rebates and found a site or two that will give you links to various states but when you click on the state it will bring up just a couple of sites that you can go and visit.  We were hoping to find toilet coupons but no luck there.  Now if you really want coupons for a variety of items we have some Amazon Coupons just for you.  Visit the site now, but remember the coupons will not be applied until you start the checkout process.  They have a whole lot of coupons for Amazon products but don’t kid yourself the big ticket items do not come with coupons.

We Found Some Toilet Coupons

If you visit some of the sites that sell toilets directly to the consumer, they will offer some in store coupons but that means you have to kohler toilet couponsuse your toilet coupons in that particular store.  However, some of these stores that offer their own version of toilet coupons have competitive prices and when you apply your toilet coupon you can make out pretty well.

Here is a list of sites that offer toilet coupons:

  • if you want kohler toilet coupons copy and paste this:
  • this site will offer kohler toilet coupons as well as others
  • or  will give you coupons on kohler, moen
  •  offers coupons for kohler, money and many others including gerber coupons

As you can see this is a small list of toilet coupons but if you are not careful you will end up with a ton of toilet paper coupon sites. This is not a bad thing but it can frustrate you to death.  That is why we tried our best to create a web page that will give  you links directly.  As we have already mentioned Amazon coupons is a great place to start if you like to shop online. However, if you are shopping in your locate retail stores then you will need to print out these coupons before you leave.

Iphones and Toilet Coupons and Utilities for Toilet Rebates

What we have found out at some of our retail stores is if you do not have coupons clipped they will accept coupons that are on your ipone.  We have watched this happen many times and it is probably the best way to deal with all the coupons that you can use when you have a iphone.  It sure makes a difference having to match this coupon for that product or this product and that coupon.

If you can not find coupons specific to your toilet then don’t forget to use your rebates and these can be found online at  However, if you discuss your new water sense toilet with your local utility they will tell you exactly what product to purchase and the process to claim your rebate.  As we find more toilet coupons we will bring them to the site, check back often.

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