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Mansfield Toilet Parts

mansfield toilet partsModern day toilets just do not last a lifetime but with a mansfield toilet parts list you can quickly and effortlessly change out the old and bring on the new. One of the first things that need to be replaced in Mansfield Toilets (heck any toilet for that matter) will probably be the toilet flush valve. A mansfield flush valve will normally be called a fill valve repair kit.  The flush kits will usually come with a valve stop, flush valve seal, and trip lever.  Just make sure that whatever you purchase it has at least a valve seal and new washers.

Most Mansflield toilets flush valve use a straight up and down action instead of the flapper valve you see in a lot of other toilets. If your wife loves to place those bricks (at least that is what I call them) and they have a tendency to warp the flapper and create an opening which allows water to leak. Stay away from those things unless it’s absolutely necessary.

A couple of things to keep in mind when replacing your toilet flush valve.

  1. Always replace the old washers with your new ones
  2. With Mansfield toilets you will probably need to take the tank off to install the toilet flush valve.

We did find out that the 2010 and 2011 models flush valve are the same thing except the gallons per flush has been greatly diminished. Instead of 3.5 GPF the new models reduce that to something like a 1.6 GPF. Great way to save some money and save our most precious resource -water. Also, a lot of people own the Mansfield 109549 toilet bowl. This model number will come in handy when you are looking for replacement parts. By the way the item #: 109549 is a dual purpose number that fits for both the elongated and round toilet bowls.  Please do not get these mansfield toilet parts confused with toilet accessories, they are totally different items.

Where to Find Mansfield Toilet Parts

The obvious choice is Amazon but you can also find replacement parts at Lowes. Lowes does carry a lot of toilet parts related to Mansfield so if you are in a hurry check them out online first to see if they have the part you need in stock. The best way to do this without having to drive to Lowe’s would be to give them a call. Not sure about Home Depot but it sounds like Home Depot toilet parts are not specific to Mansfield so stick with Lowes.

If you do shop online you can compare the price or prices of repair kits as well. Just remember if you do purchase any new toilet you will be probably be looking for a elongated mansfield toilet seat or a round seat. Most companies do not include the toilet seat with the purchase of their toilets. Don’t ask me why but they don’t. It happened to us and we were baffled but the contractor said “how else can these guys make money”?

Final Thoughts On Mansfield Toilet Parts

As you have seen we covered the basic parts that will normally need replaced the most. Don’t worry, it happens all the time and with a little luck you will be able to repair your leaky toilet’s in no time at all. Just take your time, be careful not to over tighten the bolts and you will be in good shape.

I know there are more parts to be had but these flush valve parts are the most requested Mansfield toilet parts.  Truthfully these are the most requested parts period.

Additional Toilet Parts From Lowes or Home Depot

The following parts are also carried by Lowes and Home Depot.  Unless they are specific Mansfield Toilet Parts you can probably mix and match.  Items like toilet flappers, toilet flange, toilet rings, comression extension kit, wather supply kit, water supply line (get the flex hose).

Things I would make sure and get Mansfield parts for would be a toilet gasket, toilet seal, toilet flush valve, and toilet tank gasket.  Use your common sense and if it is a part that is specific to that model line you would be best served using the manfacturer’s parts.  If in doubt always ask a salesman.

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