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How To Fix A Running Toilet

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Nothing is more frustrating than listening to a running toilet or asking your spouse how to fix a running toilet.  We’ve had our fair share of family discussions on fixing that running toilet and why it is having problems. My complaints come from the fact that my spouse loves to put those pills in the toilet tank and the first thing that goes is the flapper.  It warps them and they no longer hold water.  However, other problems will arise and that is why we started changing out those old ball units with the newer units.  We have a video link at the end that is an easy fix if you have the newer flush valves.

Simple Solutions to Fixing A Running Toilet

Below we have done some serious research and have found video’s that will help you save time and money.  These videos will cover many different aspects of fixing a running toilet from the flapper, flush valve to a simple little fix that will make you scratch your head.

If your running toilet is the old style of ball and flapper, we highly recommend you switch it out with a newer style of flush valve that you can pick up just about anywhere you want.  We have had a spare flush valve sitting in our basement ready for the next toilet that decides it’s time is over.  We found ours at Amazon because it was the cheapest we could find and the fact that our plumber friend told us these are the better ones to use. Not sure when you will read this but right now this flush valve is reduced way below market prices with free shipping if your purchase is over $25.  We found ours for around $15 but this thing is less than $10 at the time of this writing.

Fluidmaster 400C Toilet Tank Repair Kit

These video’s below are the ones we found for the most commonly asked “how to’s”.  The one from Home Depot will cover many different aspects of the toilet and the others are more specific to brand like Mansfield toilets or just the flapper or replacing a certain flush valve.

How To Fix A Running Toilet Videos

Replace Old With New Flush Valves

Mr. Ficksit Discusses how to replace the old with a new flush valve.  In the video he I believe is working on a gerber toilet but that really doesn’t matter because the “guts” of a toilet can use the same parts regardless of who makes them.  I would bet that most older homes have American Standard toilets because they were very popular before 2000.  Since then, more people have become water conscious and have trended towards those low flush models like you see reviewed on this site.



Learn how to stop a running toilet

This is a great video that will show you one simple trick that will usually solve the problem with running toilets in a newer flush valve set up.  Although the video will kind of miss where he is wiping off, just look for the black rubber and that is what he is cleaning.  This is a simple “how to fix a running toilet” that works really well and can save you a ton of money because you don’t have to call the local plumber.

Mansfield Toilet Repair

Mansfield toilets have been around for a while and some people love them and others don’t.  Regardless if you have one and do not want to purchase a new toilet then these steps will help you turn an old toilet into a new one that will stop leaking, constant running and give you what you want.  Heck you can even adjust the amount of water you use per flush.  This is referred to as gallons per flush.

Fix Various Parts of a Leaking Toilet

This home depot video will cover many basic functions of a toilet and how simple it is to fix these issues.  Make sure you have the parts that will match your toilet before you re-install.

As you can see any plumbing repairs should be attempted by the DIY’er first and by following the steps in the videos you can save a lot of money by doing the plumbing repair yourself.  We hope you found the help you need to fix a running toilet and please share your experiences with us.

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